Unique Feature

Unique Features

Infrastructure And Facilities


As a parent you always have some questions and worries when deciding of a school for your child, like - How good is this school? Are the academics and instruction methods here, at par with the industry standards? Is the faculty of this school well trained? Could they help my child cope up with the fast paced competition? What are the facilities available in the school for the all round development of my ward?

In this section, we have put forth some of the unique facilities offered by Takshshila Junior College, which make us the best option available today.

Unprecedented, unmatched implementations in Takshshila Junior College

Our Methodology

1. A Day boarding introduced with a 2 semesters system. Each Semester has 2 units sub divided in 4 formatives and this is followed by assessment and evaluation at the end of each session (Introduced from class KG-I - class 12th.

2. Weak Students are given special Remedial Classes and extra ordinary ones are advised to consult teachers whenever possible for guidance and use of library

3. Presentation Pattern is incorporated in the school (from class 3rd to 12th), where after each chapter, students have to present the chapter in the class just like a seminar, thus building reading habits, confidence and public speaking capabilities of the student.
evergreen campus
4. Group Studies are encouraged among students for competitive exams, projects are given, field studies are adopted.
5. No textbooks pattern upto Class VIII – No exam pattern introduced for Nursery to class V, Since 2005. Taeching Methodology is based on role plays, drama, activities, minor assignment, project with int approach with contents rev to daily life (applicatoions)
6. Continueous and Comprehensive Evaluation System is implemented in the school with a grading system to evaluate students. Comprehensive evaluation is an evaluation done chapter wise where the process of learning is given significant importance by way of skill development, activity based concepts, simple projects and assignments, thus this becomes a learning process – student friendly approach, rather than a concept of memorizing or rote learning which has been eradicated.
7. A standard computer syllabus has been introduced from Class I to Class XII.
8.For board examinations (XII), course is completed by the end of November, followed by four sets of exam papers from 1st Dec to 8th Feb, thereby ensuring a thorough revision of the curriculum, by the students.
9. AIPMT / NEET special courses have been started along with regular classes from 2003 onwards, carried out after school hours.
10. Private tuitions by school teachers are totally banned.
11. An evergreen campus with a beautiful garden has been developed with large number of trees and ornamental plants along with a vegetable garden for the mess in the campus.

How We Are Different??

  1. Timing is of 4.5-5 Hrs. reason for extra is for activities to be done on a daily basis atleast one hour.
  2. No Textbooks ( I-VIII ). Teaching Methodology is based on role plays, drama, activities, minor assignment, projects with int approaches with contents rev to daily life (applications). Content prepared by inst as text reco by NCERT (outdated) content updtaed, chapters prepared & handed over with worksheet.
  3. Internet based education. R & D + H.W. based on Khan acad, & number of renowed websites. Sites givenb to parents to engage child at home. Practice work based on mobile app by mess aging on daily basis.
  4. Games : For junior classes, minor games taught as special activity as NCERT curriculum. major games for higher classes. Best in class ground, gym, Swimming Pool to facilitate physical growth & development.
  5. No uniform (Monday & Saturday). Idea is to promote teh feeling of gender equality as per changing times hight from the childhood.
  6. No exams (Nursery - Claa II). Purely based on daily assessments as per national guidelines.
  7. Attendance, RFID, GPS, Bus Tracking.