Our Partners

Our Partners


MR Softwares, is our web, mobile, IT, network partner. We are using their eSchool ERP, to manage all major aspects of the school : Fees, scholar, transport, Library, Timetable, Stock, Online examination, hostel, CCE, etc. eSchool is an easy to use web based multi user school management system, which requires only Google Chrome browser on the user’s computer to operate.


RFID (Smart Card), GPS, GPRS (Students Security)

•RFID (Smart Card) For attendance and GPS tracking parents to get intimation of bus location and stops, Parents KIOSKS.

Educational Initiatives (AHMEDABAD)

ASSET is the scientifically designed diagnostic test, which stands for Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing. Through multiple choice questioning, ASSET focuses on determining the level of conceptual understanding in students and not how much they have memorized. The test generates detailed reports for students indicative of their progress and topics that require attention and improvement.

•Mindspark is a computer based program that is here to revolutionize the study of Mathematics. It focuses on self-learning with a curriculum integrated database. An interactive product, from the makers of ASSET, Mindspark has been derived from the belief of personalized learning. It is specially designed to assist the user to learn in his or her pace.

•Detailed Assessment, a topic-wise testing tool, aims at providing immediate feedback to teachers on the current level of student understanding on the topics taught and completed in the classroom. DA is a futuristic assessment tool that formulates customized assessment programs in accordance with the school curriculum and presents immediate detailed feedbacks on individual student performance. Detailed Assessment reduces the stress on teachers by preparing the assessment papers according to the curriculum taught in the class and provides test results and feedback within 48 hours of the assessment.

Next Education : (HYDERABAD)

The prime focus is on creating superior content and aferring the best learning and teaching experience possible, with original and sustainable learning and teaching solutions, with interective white boards and projector for display.

Pearson DigiClass : (BANGALORE)

An interective teaching solution that makes learning an experience children never forget.

A multimedia based interactive teaching solution that combines state-of-the-art hardware and syllabi compliant content.

Think Labs : (MUMBAI)

Robotics inspires students to make connections across several disciplines rather than learning topics in isolation as it combines mechanical, electronic, electrical and programming skills. Students are motivated to learn by creating their own robotic devices as they join deepen understanding of interdisciplinary fields. It involves spatial, Lingustic, Logical – Mathematics, Kinesthetic, Musical, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal and Naturalistic skills.

“Active Science Learning”
The programme is to develop “Higher Order Thinking Skills”, to bring out learners inquisitiveness and motivation for expermentation and understanding.