Mission & Vision



introductionAt Takshshela Junior College, We are committed to providing a challenging, enriching and supporting learning environment, which develops confident and articulate young boys and girls who have the skills, knowledge, value and attitudes needed to shape their future and contribute meaningfully to the international community.

We shall remain at the forefront of education and maintain our cultural heritage while respecting the spirituality and other faiths of our community and country.

Core Values 

1.To develop high self esteem, optimism and a commitment to personal excellence.
2. To gain a sense of excitement in learning and develop the ability and initiative to apply what is learned.
3. To sustain an individual point of view, while respecting the rights and believes of others.
4. To provide opportunities for students to participate actively in decision making.
5. To gain knowledge of the religions and ethical heritage of human kind.
6. To embrace diversity and live by a set of values consistent with their respective faiths.
7. To develop a sense of cultural heritage and an understanding and appreciation of the multicultural nature of our society and its place in the world.
8. To develop a strong sense of social justice which translates into community to community service and action.
9. To deepen students’ knowledge and understanding of the continuing contribution of women to the world and equip each to become full, equal and active members of our changing society.
10. To develop an appreciation of the physical environment and to understand the part each individual plays in sustaining and protecting the planet.



1.To be the bench mark for educational excellence in India measured by An innovative, programming, responsive, educational environment.

2. A caring, inclusive and naturing school community.

3.The quality of our staff, learning environment and communication.

4. Outstanding academic & co-curriculum programmes.


Dr. Ganesan V, Speech in global conference 

We have been one of the most successful and innovative schools in terms of students learning experiences and outstanding achievements as we offer one of the broadest curricula of any independent school in the country, with fabulous facility and resources and committed to providing our students with an outstanding connection with a challenging, enriching and supportive learning environment which develops confident and articulate skills, values and attitudes needed to shape their future and contribute meaningfully to our nations development.

“ In Skills We Trust”