Fee Structure

CBSE - NATIONAL Fee Structure 2020-21
 (1 Academic Session – 12 Months)


(Fee payable for 12 Months as per CBSE rule)

Fee During Lockdown Period

Tuition means “Full-time education where the child is imparted a holistic education”. This includes
play-school activities, pre-nursery, and nursery classes where instructions are consultancy provided.

Thus tuition fee includes, Admission Fees, Computer Fees, Science Class Fees, Practical Fees,
Exam Fees, Term Fees, Physical Activities.

Fees such as annual fees, developmental charges, donation, capitation fees, building fund, transport,
hostel fees, mess do no come under tuition fees.

This is further clarified by the Income Tax Act. Tuition Fees U/S 80C includes all types of
fees by the school where full-time education is imparted.

School Fee Structure -2021-2022