Community and Communication

Continuity, Clarity, Community and Communication

Raising a child is a collaboration between family, school and the community around them. The importance of each of these groups cannot be undervalued and each play a part in helping Takshshela Junior College students to prepare for their life beyond school.

Learning in a community of trust, will help each child to grow to their full potential, to foster good relationships with their peers, themselves and the community around them.

To ensure the best possible outcome for all students, the community must be engaged, encouraged to participate and be recognised for their contribution.

Schools have moved beyond the blackboard to electronic white boards. We must now take our learning spaces from square rooms filled with tables and chairs to become innovative spaces that encourage creativity, interactivity and a life long learning process to prepare our children for the global world market for the service and industrial sector, and not look at India alone as an employable market. This skill development is the need of the hour with high competency levels in terms of standards to be developed, not result but the processes to be taken care off.